Team Satisfaction


Satisfaction with our job and company is very important. When we have a high level of satisfaction, we tend to be more committed to our work, deliver better results, and enjoy what we do. Not only does this help us individually, it helps our team as well. When a team is made of up individuals who enjoy their work and are satisfied with their jobs, the team enjoys a productive work environment and higher overall team results.
While the factors impacting satisfaction can be different for any one person, there are a few core factors that tend to influence work satisfaction for the majority of people. This course provides a review of these core factors and a process to help you strengthen the ones that will help your team the most.
By completing this course, you will:
Be able to help your team evaluate how well the company meets their individual needs


At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:
The team evaluates how well the company meets their individual needs

Lessons in Team Satisfaction


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