When Are You Most creative?


To ensure you get the most out of your innovative work, it’s great to understand when you are most innovative and creative. Some people work best in the morning, others the afternoon, and some find the evening provides the opportunity to be most innovative and imaginative. The key is for each of us to find the time that works best for us so we can schedule our day around it. If you are most creative in the morning, save your tedious paperwork for the afternoon, this way you are making the most of your day and will consistently deliver great results.
This course is designed to help you identify your most creative and innovative time of day. When you know when you’re most creative, you can schedule and organize your work and assignments accordingly. For example, you can save work that needs concentrated effort and innovation for your creative time, while keeping other types of work for other parts of your day.
By completing this course, you will:
Know when you are most creative and innovative


At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:
Identify the time you are most creative and innovative



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