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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has evolved to become an accepted practice for organizations across many industries. It is now one of the largest employers of labor. It has been at the front burner of solving the unemployment problem. The emergence and growth has impacted organizations maximally. The industry is now popular across the world; giving businesses a new and better way especially in the global economic conditions where lots of countries are going through a recessionary period. The course covers the entire Business Process Outsourcing lifecycle; enabling you to function optimally in the Outsourcing Industry. The course progresses through the processes and practice of Outsourcing and provides a solid foundation for success in Outsourcing. Passing the BPOP Certification course is the first step to proving your industry knowledge and joining the BPO global network of experts. You’ll join other professionals in Outsourcing and have the chance to share experiences and build your network.


By taking this BPOP Certification course you’ll learn the various aspects of Outsourcing and qualify to operate in the industry as an Expert.

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